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2014-07-05 06:55:42 by FortressLord

Hey all!

Making another post, but I'm clueless and mored tired than ever. So... I'm just going to bullet point interesting things.

  • Voice training still going, it's amateur but I can feel it working. My confidence is existant at least now, and it's had a weird effect, combined with maybe my lifestyle or something; My voice is overall deeper, smoother, and slightly more British even in normal conversation.
  • Lots more music practice! Starting to sound good quality even though I only use free synths and sounds.
  • The friend I got into FL has given a little more, BUT THE BIG NEWS HERE is that I got a whole new person using it, and they're not going to read this anyway; they are special to me, show potential and are quick to learn. Super happy they're on the path with me. So that's 2 people I got into FL now... Still can't afford good synths. xP
  • I'm going on holiday for a week, may not see all reviews and such.
  • Released 'Journeyman' for you all because I could, not a push of my abilities but okay.
  • Doing lyric, story and structure concepts galore.
  • Considering (music) name change, or even a fresh start if needed. Only CONSIDERED, and I'm too lazy to move things, change files and make a good logo, but here are some possible names;

Sheppy, Abzorb, Artesian, Flameheart, Tryphid, Quake, Boifriend [friend's idea I think works], Prizmatik [sorta taken. Darn], Encindle, PurePaw, Chromia.

So that's a thing.

  • Graduated high school, waiting for college now. Not much else to say on that. x3
  • Furfaggotry

Thank you all for your time, say anything, or nothing, below, I will answer questions in some event soon, not sure if I have enough people though,

So peace out guys!

~ JP/FortressLord/Sheppy

\/  In case people wonder my influences.



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