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Hey, Hycas here. I'm a student who makes DnB and stuff.
I still like Newgrounds, I just don't use it much.

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Hey anyone reading!

I know Newgrounds is a bit slow, and only a fraction of a fraction of its users come to my page, but hey, I admit that and it's still worth an update after how long it's been.

It's been almost TWO YEARS since I last gave updates on Newgrounds, so it's at the very least time to show I'm alive. I'll try to format readably.


Happy New Year!

To welcome the inescapable and oppressive passage of time, I'm giving you another drumloop pack!

This one is called 'Intense Drums' and is basically original and remixed Hycas loops, that have been processed until they sound unique and harsh. BPM tagged, semi-dry sounds.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/27fcaj3bt992d1t/Intense%20Drums.zip


Update On Me

I'm basically in a musical coccoon phase. My popularity is stagnant; I've barely made any game soundtracks; I rarely even show my friends what I make. But! I'm fully aware of the situation. There's no shame because I want this ascetic period. I'm going through heavy experimenting and practicing, and at the point I feel confident I will start trying *properly* to break out.

Oh yeah, you can follow me on Twitter early if you want. I wouldn't have made it yet but it's for my careers module.

I once said I plan to make professional-quality music by 2020, and I think that's going to happen! I can master drums to a pro standard, my basses are pretty thick, and I'm slowly gaining the ability to write with real chords.

I'm still in university. I don't like the studio as much as doing solo production work but that's nothing new or cool.


Future Plans

I will be going forward on my Hycas alias and vvav. vvav is my synthwave thing - it's technically not just me, but the other half is busy. Also dubstep is more Hycas than vvav now.

More interestingly, I have a new music concept! I want to make an electronic-emo project some time soon. Only time will tell how exactly I do this... Maybe I'll take guitar back up and record it all alone, like Celldweller does metal.

If you didn't know, IRL I already look and behave like an emo, so I was like "fuck it" and I may as well get the music aspect too! I have to record a band for uni this year, perhaps I'll make some instrumentalist contacts...

We'll see what actually becomes of my rock idea in time!


I think that's everything! I think a few people read these, but it just felt weird not changing my profile in 2 years.



If you're reading this, I want to thank Lockyn. Seriously dude, you scouted some shitty thing I made a few years ago, and instead of quitting music, being an approved NG submitter made me keep on going. So thank you and good luck.

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