Thought I'd update!

2013-09-10 15:19:19 by FortressLord

I'm still FortressLord, and this is still my news, but I haven't changed my front page in a while, and that was only rearranging boxes, so I decided to write (type) this!

I've now made 8 tracks, 6 original songs, and got 3 fans!

I really only made a new NG account to review and search with less restrictions, so having 3 followers feels quite good.
I can see my music is better than it used to be, but I never planned on being a musician, I just went beyond mixing for a bit of fun, hence I am still 'Audiophile', but I'd like to say thank you not only to the 3 who have the patience to watch me improve with FL, but to everyone who has downloaded, rated or otherwise acknowledged my work.

I am not musically gifted, (I only knew I had any musical competence when I stopped trying to learn physical instruments I was basically too clumsy to play, and started to feel down. I sensed what was missing from my life so I tried my hand at basic mixing when I could) but hopefully in some unknown time I can entertain those that have entrusted me to provide.
(By the way, if you wonder what I aspire to be like, imagine... Dark ParagonX9 with lots more classical instruments.)

Anyway, sorry for making this update strangely long and formal, it's a habit when I don't know how many people actually read this far.

I am not saying "I'm good now, you got me here!", more
"One day I'll be good, and you all helped me now."

Yeah sorry, I planned to end this update like 3 paragraphs ago. Mm-hm.
That is all.



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2013-09-10 15:52:41


"I am not musically gifted." False! :P

You more than deserve those fans, and that number will only go up. ;) Keep it up my friend. I'm looking forward to your future works! Cheers!

(Updated ) FortressLord responds:

I wrote a huge response but then pressed back by accident. : /

BUT thank you, nice to say I'm musically gifted and deserve fans.
I should also probably focus on proper listening tracks more than background stuff... that will never be heard in the background.

You're right with 'TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH MISTER'. I think if I make an important song or event I should update my news. #2 after weeks is borderline lazy.