COMEBACK PLAN +Request a track!

2013-09-20 16:57:31 by FortressLord

HELLO! I'm not gone, just struggled with inspiration for a short while.
I'm going to keep this short, since I have a habit of droning on.

I've been busy making some higher quality tracks for you guys, and my style has improved but also changed. You will (hopefully) enjoy my upcoming tracks, but don't expect much stuff like Evening Ensues; I've expanded into new styles, themes and sounds.

__Anyway, my plan for releases, and genres is as follows, in order of first-last:__

Lockyn - Intrinsic (FortressLord Drumstep Remix) - Electro House [Released]

Virtually Reality - Chaotic Drumstep (put as 'Electronic' for easier storage)

Nocturnal Vigilante - House/Trance (ditto), MY BEST YET

YOU decide on the last track! Comment a genre, theme, main instrument or something to get inspiration from, and I'll make a track with it.
If nobody comments I'll just put out what I feel like at the time, and if there is contradicting choices I'll try to compromise. If I can't, I'll flip a coin or roll a dice or something.

Nocturnal Vigilante now has devoted art by me. (I'm not an artist. I tried to do something simple anyway.)

COMEBACK PLAN  +Request a track!


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2013-09-20 18:00:02

Awesome update. I'm looking forward to these upcoming tracks dude! :D I'm honored you're remixing one of my tracks. Thanks brotha. :)

Liquid dnb! Liquid dnb! Liquid dnb! ;D

FortressLord responds:

The remix isn't full, and some parts are worse than the original, BUT you can clearly tell most the sounds have been changed, and the tempo and tunes have been altered to my style a bit. I guess it's less like a Remix, more of Personalisation.
Anyway, thanks for being honoured! Usually I wouldn't think Audio of the Month guy would be pleased that his track is being remixed by a guy with only weeks experience, but you are, so thanks a lot!

Liquid DnB sounds good. But we'll see. People have until the third track is done before I start work.


2013-09-23 02:26:32

So only Lockyn reads my news?
OK. Looks like Liquid DnB could be the one.