Some WIPs out, and a new track coming. (Check here for updates)

2013-10-16 13:51:44 by FortressLord

I haven't finished a song/track/tune/audio piece in a month, but I'm putting up some WIPs.
They are not particularly my best or most recent tracks, but they should give you an idea what I've been doing.

-Digital Mind-
Also, I've got a 'capital' track in the works, like what I did with Nocturnal Vigilante.
I have got vocoding figured out, maybe not the most efficient way, but I can vocode samples and voice now.
It has an intro and hopefully lead later on that was salvaged from an abandoned WIP, and

I am making lyrics for it. I can probably try them myself, and I'll note here some lines and ideas. Check back if you like, and see my thoughts. Plus, I'd appreciate ideas e.t.c.

- Drum n' Bass-ish

- Saws (Non-literal : P)

- Crazy vocals, not in voice but maybe lyrics ?
- Recurring 'I got a Digital Mind' maybe.

- Currently being re-done, some parts sounded random.


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2013-10-19 23:22:43

Very nice. I'm looking forward to them! Sorry I haven't reviewed any of your recent tracks - I promise I listened to them, just need to sit down and type!

(Updated ) FortressLord responds:

That's fine. There's only so much time to procrastinate...
Listening to my stuff is already taking quite a lot of time, plus you've got your own music, MANY other people to check out e.t.c. I won't take anything else down for now so it will all be here later.