2013-11-16 07:36:59 by FortressLord

Alright, so I think Solestar as an album will be released on Dropbox or something like that, because the album actually INCLUDES A GUIDE as well as just MP3s.
The Guide shows backstory, which songs are the best, production facts and just general monologue from me.

The song list is coming along great. In no particular order other than what I read first:
Solestar (Tech Mix) - Techno w/ Hip Hop draws
Interspecies Alliance - Techno RELEASED ON SOUNDCLOUD!
Interspecies Alliance (DnB Mix) - Drum & Bass RELEASED ON NEWGROUNDS!
[EDIT 25/11] Journey in the Neostream - Dub/Classic Dubstep RELEASED SOON
What Happens - House
Shepard Shuffle - Trance/Dance
Ode To Autumn - Solo Piano (Bonus track)
Corrupt Soldiers - Weird Drum & Bass
Human Hunt - Drum & Bass RELEASED ON NEWGROUNDS!
Steel Jungle - Breakbeat [Very different, now called Darksteel Jungle]
Burning Peace - Industrial Rock
Heart of Rain - Techno/DnB/Rock (some parts get a bit chaotic but I like it)
Resonance Theory - DnB/Rock
Fallback Charlie (Redux) - Dance/DnB
Nocturnal Vigilante [Oct 2013 Edit] - Trance/Dance

I'm sure there was more stuff I had to say, but I'll add that in an edit if I remember.
Anyway, not sure how many people care about Solestar but here's an update anyway.



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2013-11-25 04:12:42

I am really excited for this!!

FortressLord responds:

Glad you are. It is actually very nearly done, I just need to fill in the Guide, maybe add extras, and put it somewhere that allows more than Audio files (i.e. Dropbox or Mediafire).
So watch out for that, and be sure to view the guide for production info, background stories, and me saying which songs are good and for what. Thanks!


2013-11-25 17:38:53

Oh hell yes.

FortressLord responds:

11 DAYS LATE I see this. All I can say as this is going to replaced with new news that is new is
'Glad you are looking forward to it!'