Big News! (PLUS pointers to good music)

2014-03-19 13:12:26 by FortressLord

Before you read this hyped, nothing bad has happened, I am not going anywhere, not upgrading and not doing a collab (yet). Now the common ones are out of the way...


Hi guys, FortressLord here, giving an update on me, my music, and whatever else comes to mind.


First off, and most importantly, MY PRE-CURRENT-PC DISCOGRAPHY IS ON BANDCAMP!

Note not all songs are on there, but there's 3 albums there, 2 totally unseen until now.

Enjoy totally for free! (I was even worse then but there's still some cool FL beatzzzzz)


Second, I have been practicing like crazy!

Basically, here is (are ?) my changes summed up:

  • I use more sensible chords now.
  • I will try tempos other than 174, 150 and 140 BPM.
  • I use simple automation (not auto clips in the playlist, just editing).
  • Drum and Bass even closer to me now. Expect less Trance and House and more DnB, WITH NEURO AND LIQUID BEING TOYED WITH.
  • I have found some cool sounds; The free GMS synth with heavy compression, various piano soundsets and synths put through multiple mastering channels, half-bitcrushed sounds (heavy effect, but the plugins for the bit sound will be set to ~40-70% volume for a weird effect.)
  • I am going to be making some melodical stuff rather than my weird, intentionally simplistic music of old.

So there we are.


Last news (I can think of) is my style is becoming more evident: Expect even more chimes synths, with short, Techno-inspired riff segments.




I, as my closest brohanski's will know, am prouder of simply being a mixer than actual releaser, so in some news posts I will show my tiny viewerbase some things to check out.

Spadazer - AIM Contest submission

   Atmospheric and very good for a barely experienced artist.


Mittsies - Departure

   Emotional and fun House music. I'm a huge fan of Mittsies BUT he is a clopper literal artist as well as House musician, so watch what links you go to if you follow up on him!


Skrillex, Kill The Noise and Milo & Otis - Duck Sauce NRG Remix

   It's not like the 2 people reading this would make a difference to the overall view counts, but the remix grows on you and is quite cool. I didn't mention the genre so... Slightly Industrial Dance-structured Brostep    : D


Actraiser - Future Encounters

   Now with a slightly changed name, I love this mostly-Liquid Drum & Bass track. I don't really know what else to say for this.


I'd be surprised if anyone actually read this far, but this has been FortressLord. Peace out.


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2014-04-02 18:00:46

I'll be the first to post and admit here that I read all your news posts with a stalker attitude.


FortressLord responds:

That's fine, there's nothing wrong with knowing what's up with other people.

Hope you're doing OK, and also I have another big news post soon which will hopefully have something worth reading in it.