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2014-04-04 02:32:57 by FortressLord

AWESOME EDIT: https://soundcloud.com/fortresslord/fortresslord-first-mix


Greetings, fans, friends and people here accidentally.


I have been busy... Like, really busy. I have had a total reinvention of myself.

I have a new style, that binds everything I've done before and combines with some new tricks.


So what's the reinvention?

  • A lot of things really. The main is I've had a Change of Fate (it's capitalised hint hint) and I want to be a DJ and independent artist.
  • So now I put pretty much all my spare time into music, which is why my unreleased stuff is harder, more professional and more serious than tracks just days ago. I am a fast learner.
  • My... New culture, has given me VAST amounts of new ideas, and inspirations and plans I never had before. Don't be annoyed if my titles and backstories have less sci-fi, more fur.
  • I am going to be less random, but also funnier if I see the opportunity.
  • I'm trying vocals. I have some songs with unfitting vocals taken from a scrapped vocal project set, but I mean at some point in the future, I will put meaning to songs beyond the synth melodies.
  • I have some more practice with gating and percussion mastering, which basically means tracks with more bounce.

I am now out of things to say, OH WAIT, no, I'm going to have an album soon, but like, a real one. A cover that looks like my new profile banner, a decent number of songs, high-quality, and the very best tracks so far.


  I say 'peace' too often, thanks for reading,



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2014-04-07 05:35:29

Thats awesome news! cant wait for the vocals and newy newness!

FortressLord responds:

Thanks. No promises on decent vocals in this album, but in the future expect some lyrics.

Thanks for visiting!