Remembering news as I type!

2014-05-05 11:54:20 by FortressLord

Hi all, FortressLord, or whatever name else you know me by, here!  


I didn't plan this new post, but whether you're here from curiosity, from actual interest in me or you want to see how music's going, I am going to bullet point anything worth mentioning in a nicely readable way...  

  • My voice training is going OK - My voice is less monotone and rarely breaks at pitches, the problem is dynamically expanding to low or high pitches. The upcoming album should have one or two tracks with vocals, and I have some modulated or hidden stuff in tracks.
  • I have been practicing music A LOT. Better mixing and production and even some half decent melodies coming your way, but the REALLY unique stuff is still deep in the works.
  • I meet new artists and stuff, which means possible collabs e.t.c. I have talked to one or two people here, but more so creative minds of my new internet group. A notable part I'm excited for is I'm helping a good friend back into FL Studio, and I hope to at least have him do some lyric or sound design for me, so some cool tracks will be had.
  • My finals are about to end. I never give my age for personal rather than privacy reasons, but that fact combines with my grammar so you know pretty much exactly my status. So yeah.
  • I'm doing lots of awesome percussion. I feel proud. Now I need some really effective melodies and some greater effects on tracks.
  • I'm still something of a dreamer, but I'm aiming to have hidden or suggested personal meanings in song titles, emotional styles and so on. I can't wait for some of the more effective stuff!
  • Mystic deism, and some other opinions and beliefs I can't even nail but will hint at, have been developed by myself, largely from influence because I'm a REALLY easy convert or something.
  • I can't remember much else.

Peace out everyone! Look out for my new stuff that is going to get really nice in just weeks time!


[Pretend there's a cool pic here]


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2014-06-17 18:40:15

Sooooo. I never see you really active around Soundcloud so I'd thought I'd shoot you something here. Thanks for the update (sorry I read it so late), and I do hope you continue these because they are fantastic. I'm glad you're helping a friend out with FL because FL is awesome and people should use it and have awesome people like you help them! Keep it up man, I will drop those promised reviews eventually over here or on Soundcloud if you post them there (the latter is much more likely >__<). Cheers my friend.

Also, do you have a skype by any chance? You've got a much better chance of reaching me there than anywhere else lol.

FortressLord responds:

I'm not active anywhere a lot anymore. xD
If I make something good that isn't kept for a friend or my own, I'll publish it.

I'll be continuing these don't worry. In fact, I'm... Quite different now, and the help given to a friends has sort of branched out, so a news post might be in order.I don't mind you being slow to get here or review, until my new stuff is here, it's sorta meh... I don't know what to say.
And we've both been busy anyway.

And yep I have Skype! I'll PM my name and stuff, it should be cool even with like rare status updates.

Glad to hear from you, and thanks for checking up!