I'm back!

2014-11-05 16:38:33 by FortressLord

Newgrounds had that silly update where getting news on blogs is no longer a thing, but I better blow the dust off my page. I actually talk and act very differently, but I'm going to make a bullet point list lke the good old times!

  • I'm Hycas! I wanted something that sounded Latin/Roman, and contracted one of my possible names, 'Hybrid Canines' to make this. ALSO, it has the cool feature of multiple pronounciations. The correct way to say it is like 'I kiss'. Which in itself is meaningful and cool how in implication. LOVE my new name! x3
  • College stuff. More freedom more work.
  • The two people I got into FL are all but gone out my life. One by one, the importance and I admit love depleted over time. Stuff happens. And I ... Don't look for one of the genders for romantic purposes any more. Brit grit is needed sometimes.
  • Music practice like crazy!
  • Listening to tons of music! Some of my stuff even sounds like Depeche Mode!
  • I used to be depressed, (undiagnosed but obvious even to people who have it) until I realised it was up to me to keep myself happy, and that the only person to ever stick by me and show loyalty will be me.
  • Woof
  • I'm quite thoughtful and reflective... Even coming back to Newgrounds makes me feel weird.
  • [Edit] Waiting on a good mic. If I've exercised and my voice is also good on top of that, I can SING! I hate my voice but there's no denying I can do something with it all.

Something something outtro, Hycas wishing you all a cool day! (Well, year, since I don't update often)



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2014-11-05 17:28:15

Welcome back, whoever you are :D

FortressLord responds:

Slow reply but thanks x3


2014-11-25 19:46:47


FortressLord responds: