Obligatory 'not dead' update

2015-08-05 15:49:05 by FortressLord

Hey guys, I know I've been super reclusive for a while so I just want to do my usual update sort of thing. I'm not under the impression that everything I do, or don't do, sends ripples on this site or Soundcloud, but there's still like half a dozen people who closely relate or affiliate with me who might be a little confused.

I'm still going. Still doing music.

Both can be a little hard to keep up to be honest. I'm at that stage of a musician's career (either literal or hobbyist) where I'm past that new, wide-eyed stage of wanting to do my best, and believing everything I do is breaking new ground.

Yet I'm early enough in my creative path that my music isn't recognised by many people, and the things I used to call upon for inspiration sound so out of my league that I just give up trying.

However, I keep going because I am actually pretty good... I'm an untrained teenager who didn't even choose music as a subject; To go from randomly mashing notes together to making my own drumloops, reese bases and even helping on MULTIPLE soundtracks within the space of 3 years tops... That's not unheard of, but everyone who's ever done that has ended up with their own posters and adverts.

The people who sometimes mention their achievements have reasons to be ahead of me. "I'm here in my new studio with this synth I could afford" is something I hear of them. "Only got any good after 8 years" and so on. That's not me, but maybe it will be. I won't be cocky, but I will be proud, because I can already see the improvement in myself as an artist.

Remember that even in a few years when I can make soothing melodies and tearing basslines, that it's for everyone, not just me. I will never, ever make music from avarice or the pure intent to take money/fame.

Music is art, and art should be set free.


Anyway, that's a textwall and you probably expected my usual bullet points. Here:

  • Lots of practice
  • Making a free drumloop pack
  • I was the sound engineer on a scrapped horror game, and I intend to do more like that except on FINISHED projects. And more often too.
  • I'm doing a lot of new music behind the scenes...
  • Including happy DnB, ambient, trap and a whole heap of stuff inspired by Rameses B and Rchetype.
  • I paid for a VST called Wobbleboss which is awful, it came with freebies better than the 'synth' itself. 3/10
  • BUT I got Massive and a lot more experience with GMS and mastering. Compressed drums, more refined stereo seperation, and basses that cause my subwoofer to rumble around.
  • Collabs! Looking to do one with a cool German hobbyist producer. He does bass stuff and vocals.
  • Also my own vocals are coming along a little
  • I'm trying to make an album. Unfortunetely I'm improving too fast to finish tracks on a consistent standard, but it will be very atmospheric and probably include backstory and some sort of artbook or whatever.
  • I'm looking into both jobs and university... Starting to gravitate towards a musical path for life, but I know what I'm doing, at least better than the education system usually imparts.

That's all I have to say. I did NOT keep it short, but the only thing you've heard of me was some atmos-neuro dit that within hours of 'finishing' it.

Peace out, feel free to say anything or nothing at all.

If you need me to make music, sound effects or dank memes, I'll do the occasional (always-)free commision or permission for existing work.



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2015-08-13 01:11:27

Amen. The hardest part of starting a creative career is not giving up. I wish you luck on your future ventures.

FortressLord responds:

Very true, and thanks. :3