2015-10-25 16:59:30 by FortressLord

I'll get this update quickly. Besides, I realise nobody reads these so it's basically for the few people who stumble here, and wonder what happened to a guy who used to finish a song every few days and comment far more than that.

I'm not feeling too hot with music at the moment. The thing is I'm actually better than before, and I keep running into the feeling like I make sample-quality sounds and do compositions my own inspirations mirror themselves.

However, I get very stressed at ambiguity and uncertainty, and I just can't describe that entirely... When things get unclear it feels like a consistent, silent nail down a blackboard. Unfortunetely this is how I feel with music at the moment. My life is busy already, but now every time I feel creative I have to trudge through folders full of absoluetely terrible noise. I delete what I can but no amount of practice can make it easier to finish a track. The clutter freaks me out...

A large part of me wishes my files would get corrupted because I don't have the strength to wipe them and move on. I don't think I'll ever get something done while my old stuff stares me in the face. It's bad enough the best only synths I really use are GMS and Sytrus. That literally gives me a choice between ugly pads and sparkly pads.


I want to get stuff done, but I can't. Maybe I'll spend a day just being tough on myself, and delete (or at least hide away) the annoying tracks - The old, the desperate, the forever unfinished.

I couldn't possibly go to another hobby, that much is certain. If it was time to drop music, I wouldn't be so annoyed at not making the stuff I want. Plus I'm looking to do music and university, and hopefully as a job. (Now THAT is an update.)

Anyway, for the 2 or so people ever to read this, I'm going to get some inspiration somehow, start afresh a little, and when I do you're going to hear some of the things I'm capable of - Neuro basses, compressed beats and soothing pads. All I want is to hear them in a finished liquid piece...

Peace, H.


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2015-10-25 17:51:57

Artist's block is an obstacle we all have to stumble on.

Here's something that's helped me in the past. I hope it'll help you as well.

You be careful out there.

FortressLord responds:

Heh, thank you.
I did a big clear out of music and got a boost in drive, for a short while, but anyway I'll be sure to keep trying.
Also, interesting link.


2015-11-07 18:16:28

I go away from here for a while and this is how you try to take over the world without me??!!?!? quitting!??!?!? NEVER!

In all seriousness, music should be an expression of emotion, it is you incarnate. maybe you are feeling cluttered in your sounds because your life is getting cluttered at the moment? Try to relax and dont worry about it so much, just take one note at a time and let it flow. It doesnt have to be perfect, just writing (even if its terrible) will push your skills in the long run and you may feel better because of it. In fact if you want to have a 'who can write the worse track contest' I would so be in!

Music is also about sacrifice, time, energy, money, it is really hard to make music and a career in it these days but dont give up. Perseverance is the only way you will make it if it is what you want! You only truly fail when you stop trying.

I hope to come back here in a while and see you running this place or I will not be happy!

All the best

(Updated ) FortressLord responds:

Hehe ^-^
But seriously, nah, I wouldn't be so dramatic as to suggest quitting. Musicians can't really cut music out anyway; rockstars will find themselves taking up new instruments after a band split, producers may find themselves doing DJing on the side...
The more you try and ignore music the more you find yourself drumming on tables.

You are very right about writing and stuff by the way. It is true I felt very cluttered, and it is likely a mixture of life hassles as well as simple, literal clutter of music projects and my own thoughts and ideas. I still want to make stuff, and now things are a little more clear I'm going to focus on improving again, and at some point after applying to uni or extra college I'll see if I can really make a track in a professional way.

I think I'm going to put up a Harmor test here, maybe today. I've been using GMS and Sytrus for a long time and it actually feels good to spend some cash on a synth I really want to use.
Also still trying some liquid on the side, with a lot more enthusiasm because of increased clarity. Harmor will be for Neuro stuff, because I remember when that was my sort of music almost all the bass tutorials I saw used Harmor to some extent.

Thanks for being so supportive btw.

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