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2016-02-11 16:43:26 by FortressLord

I'm going to keep this short because I'm annoyed at discovering that like a whole section of my tracks, including work like LookingGlass, are basically gone to me. Massive is causing FL to crash, FL can't find samples I used to use, and so on.

This is annoying because as I speak I'm putting together a music portfolio and I have to miss months of work out because I don't have a working copy of my OWN MUSIC.


So that's two pieces of news out the way!

Also, I am sorry for anyone who has commented I can't get back to. Newgrounds keeps saying "You're not from Newgrounds, are you?" when I try. Technology seems to hate me right now.


Aside that, life - I've been trying to get into a really cool Uni as suggested, and I've generally been busy and also improving with music a LOT. I can only get better, but I can still be... Let's say genre elitist. Of course I'm not becoming that teen music idiot kinda guy - I'm still quite anti-corporate, and I'm as personal as someone with like 4 followers can be :D


Not sure what else to say. When my portfolio goes up I'll release some sample teasers, might link here.

In a sentence: It's going good, but stressful.


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