Q&A 2! (Full detail edition)

2016-03-19 17:32:16 by FortressLord

Hey again anyone reading!

I'll be answering more questions in this post. Also I realise for actual Newgrounds followers this may seem sudden, but actually I'm not relying on NG comments because I would get maybe 1 reply if I offered to collect questions here. I have gotten a few via PM over the last few months though. Most questions were just things I remembered from friends and family.

Most my traffic is people checking out my profile in curiosity, and NG still seems like a place to put this so here goes:

Q. What is your musical purpose? Why produce and keep trying to gain experience?

A. I have emotions I wish to express in sound, and other people have emotions that can be brought out by sound. Money and fame can wait, the part that excites me the most is making a difference to people's mindsets and moods.


Q. Any collabs on the way? Soundtracks?

A. No to both! I almost had a few collabs but generally I subtly back out of them after not liking what I see. (I use Nexus, so if I think YOUR technique is lazy there is a problem :P)

I actually nearly did some soundtracks to games too, but they never really finished. Projects included a solo creation of a side-scroller, and an indie horror game. Pssst... Someone take me on, for mutual exposure!

My last *successful* collab was with Rainheart, he's a little like me but obviously all about rock and game soundtracks, so if he ever wants to collab openly, some of you may want to take the chance too.


Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. Producing music for a secondary source of income, likely working with computing with a possible part-time DJ job. That's just my estimation though, not something I aim to have.


Q. Have you ever made a sample?

A. I'm making a full samplepack actually, and a smaller version can be found on my Bandcamp. An awesome friend has actually made a short track out of my sounds, but I don't have a link for it.


Q. What is your goal? [They didn't mean purpose this time, more like direction]

A. Well I wanted 'professional sounds by 2020', actual quote from myself, but honestly I'm pretty much there now. Some of my WIP's would work in games and not quite on their own yet.

I'm planning to submit a demo to Liquicity by 2018, because my rate of improvement since just 2015 has been mental and I think I could reach more minds by pushing myself out there.


Q. What synths do you use?

A. In order of use as of 19th March 2016 - Nexus2, Harmor, Sytrus.  I know Nexus is 'lazy' but I don't claim to be a bass wizard, and the variety of pad and FX sounds makes it useful to me. I prefer to use Harmor for sub and reese sounds though!


Q. Any samples you would recommend?

A. I actually don't use too many samples. I have the rare pad .wav under my own music to flesh it out, and make an active point of disliking people who just piece together entire sections of music and call it original. HOWEVER I don't own a drumkit, so it is useful to have packs to hand. For that I would reccomend the site/company BHK Samples. I got some of my favourite drum hits from them! Also one of the few sample publishers to include Liquid DnB sounds.


Q. What do you think about people who have overtaken you?

A. I assume you mean gotten labels, money, or 'fans' (whereas most of my followers are friends, especially the early ones) faster than I did.

Well, that varies! Some I'm salty about. I know/knew people who took the 'easy' genres, spending more money than I have available and getting egos so big it's no wonder I no longer talk to them.

Then there are the actual musicians. People even younger than me, with less money spent on it, who have an actual knack for a genre I don't look down on. These can either inspire me or make me feel useless, but as long as the person behind the music is nice, I will be very happy for them growing faster!

Finally there are those inbetween, and I know a few, who took a little from both. Sure they're genuinely skilled, but they put those skills into... Let's say the 'common' genres, for a cheap ride up. Next thing you know they've gone corporate, and you know what that means.

Of course I'm musically distant. I released something like 9 tracks and WIPs in 2015, but hell if I didn't improve. I'm in a cocoon phase for my creativity right now.


If you have any questions yourself, feel free to ask in a comment or PM! I like to think I'm generally quite open.

Hope this was factual, cool, or whatever. Whether you're a Newgrounds user looking around or a friend who found out I have an account here, have a good day! :D

~ JP


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