Entry #24

FREE SAMPLES / Legacy Uploads / Updates

2016-09-05 18:05:32 by FortressLord

Hey anyone who reads these, it's been a while!

Here's the agenda of what I'm going to explain:

  1. Hycas samples + Free download links
  2. Where you'll find my old albums
  3. Update on myself


Some of you may know that with music I'm less melodic and more technical. I master well and make WAY more samples and patches than I could match with song releases. Now is your chance to get some free, usable samples for yourself! No stealing credit though please :p


My current set of custom drum hits that I use in my own productions!



'LegacyLoops', aka a bunch of FotressLord and Hycas samples that are now dated but still very diverse.



Old Track Pieces and Stems



Some of my old albums are being archived. The entire 'Change of Fate' series will be on I guess Mediafire, whilst you can get the 'Out The Way EP' set from my Bandcamp here: https://hycas.bandcamp.com


'Starcast EP' is coming soon, suffering some setbacks due to tracks not meeting my quality standard, then I will release some Drum & Bass singles as they get completed for a bit.


Update on me:

I'm getting into university at the moment, I already live somewhere pretty comfortable for a musician's setup, so that's why I actually went into overdrive at a time when most people would be too busy.

My ability in music has been increasing exponentially recently, with my drums and mastering ability just short of professional quality while my leads and melodies have been my main concern as of late.

No part of what I do is perfect, but I've got time to practice and now a course to learn.

Also the vvav project is still going, it makes Synthwave, Dubstep and other lower tempo stuff while the main Hycas alias is still the direct descendant of FortressLord, and it is comprised of me and me alone, making DnB.


Thanks for reading, and enjoy the samples if you want any!


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