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Q&A Results!

2014-02-24 11:46:04 by FortressLord

Okay, so despite only getting one question on Newgrounds, I got quite a few questions in other places, like the real world. Here are the results!


Q: Will you make 'rougher' music types like Trap, Brostep and Neuro?

A: Trap and neuro I've attempted, neuro was very hard due to the moprhing, powerful basses I just can't automate enough yet. Brostep I have tried and I'll re-attempt later on, but it's too much of an acquired musical taste for me to try too much with. Other 'rougher' music types I will try, I'm assuming that's including hard Hip-Hop e.t.c.


Q: Imagine Drum n' Bass is no longer an option. What genre do you now produce if any?

A: I would jump on to Trance or House music if DnB was no longer possible. If Electronic music was gone altogether, but computer-based designing was still allowed, I'd make Classical or really strange Rock.


Q: Why the Orange/Purple/Black theme?

A: Orange is my favourite colour, so that was natural. Purple complements orange, so I started using it. It ended up having a really nice, colourful yet dark effect that seems pretty cool. The black is just a space-filler really, but I do use it on purpose a lot because it makes colour stand out nicely.


Q: What artists influence your style the most?

A: Pendulum (I guess more so the earlier Pendulum), BT, Zircon and a few others who kind off feed into my work.


Q: Other than music, where does your creativity go?

A: I used to draw, but I mostly stopped and slowly got worse at it, and now I write fiction, do lots of modding and level design for various video games, and edit photos. Oh, and I've recently got back into Blender, and got Nifskope (both are 3D modelling).


Q: Would you do vocals?

A: I would do vocals gladly if I had the voice for it. Being an amateur writer AND a musician sometimes I think up some really good lyrics and tunes, but I have neither a good voice nor a vocalist friend. You know what? I'm making a track called 'Through It All', and as soon as I'm done being ill, I'm trying out a mic for it!


Q: What is your dream for being a music artist?

A: Great question, and one I have thought about a lot even to decide on. I'd like to be well-known, but not for my ego, just so I can share music with others. I hope to join with a music group like Liquicity when I'm properly good, but dreams rarely come true.

Well OKAY, specifically Liquicity, but that sounded egotistical.


Q: What speakers/monitors do you have? [Merged with 'What headphones?']

A: Creative A60 speakers, but I use my Denon HD1100 DJ headphones more when creating new music. My monitor is an iiyama ProLite X2377HS, it is 23". I could have got two monitors, but my preference is to have a single large one.


Q: You're a gamer right? What's your fav game?

A: I gave this some thought, and I can't decide between Skyrim, Garry's Mod and Neverwinter Nights 1 (the Bioware one of the original 2 games. It was FAR better.) I'm quite creative so Skyrim is only part of the top 3 due to moddability. (Is that a word?)


Q: On Soundcloud, it says you have an 'unused savant mind'. What does that even mean?

 [May be a long and personal answer, sorry in advance!]

A: I don't have any full disorders, but a few perks and abilities. A few doctors basically said 'You can't do sports, but if you start with music you will be exceptional'. They were right in that I'd be terrible at sports, but now I've found my fondness for running, walking and climbing, so I manage to exercise anyway.

More on topic, I was bored by music for years, and despite being a fast learner for piano, guitar and drum challenges set in High School, and my teachers and family seeing me play and telling me to take it seriously, I never did, and only dabbled a bit with guitar and drums. I technically played instruments, but really casually and I never tried to learn things by myself. Then I changed musical tastes, and started to mix (mostly) Dubstep. As I settled into Electronic, acquiring more sub-genres I enjoy, I started making more and more of my own music, and became the musician I am. The 'unused savant mind' idea is because I'm only just putting it to use, and I may never be the 'savant' I could have been if I'd started with classical instruments as a young boy.

There's a moral in there somewhere.

Okay, so I know this is weird thing to come back to after a while of no music or news, but a few people in real life have asked me questions about my music, music in general and where the whole 'FortressLord' thing came from.


It got me thinking, and I've decided to make a Q&A session here!

I have some questions already, and any you guys PM or leave below will join those, until I post the accepted questions and honest answers. Thanks!

Personal Update

2014-01-24 13:38:14 by FortressLord

I figured it's about time I make a news post. This time I didn't plan what I'd say, so let me just type up some basic points.



  • Still good.
  • Speakers very useful and sound great.
  • I am playing too much Skyrim... Or not enough?
  • I put lots of data onto my newer PC (e.g. drum hit samples)


My Activities

  • Mostly unimportant.
  • Lots of experimenting with music.
  • Learning totally new styles.
  • Got GiMP back, practising image editing.
  • I put lots of data onto my newer PC (e.g. drum hit samples)

My Music (What really matters here)

  • Planning to rescue some old songs for release.
  • Drum and Bass EP soon. (Released first)
  • House EP coming soon.
  • Ambient album coming soon. Expect my best melodies and emotions for these! (Released last)


New System!

2014-01-10 11:34:44 by FortressLord

I was away for a bit because I got a totally new PC!

Plus another [QWERTY] keyboard, mouse and even speakers.


I won't bore you with all the details, even if I could remember all of it, but my new PC has:

  • Windows 8
  • Double the RAM (Now 8GB, with slight boosting)
  • AMD Graphics card (musically only really shows visualisers faster)
  • Speakers have good depth and built in bass modules.


The following is a photo of what I use as an all-in-mostly-one studio. It's not like it shows much of my identity anyway (as I said in the Solestar Guide, I'm not super shy just choose to use mystery as a little recurring trend.)


Not pictured is the actual tower ('PC Case'), my guitars, my microphone (pathetic, hope to replace), keyboard synth and analogue mixer (not that I ever had to take it out).



2013-12-18 13:02:50 by FortressLord

Okay, after SO long waiting, those of you who care can get my first album for free here:



I'd say to get it. It includes both versions of Interspecies Alliance, Human Hunt and some totally unseen tracks. There's also a guide with text directly from me.



I actually dislike a few of the songs now I'm FAR better, but it's been a great learning experience and I hope you at least appreciate the guide and it's insider details!

Also, if the download is in a folder of the same name, with a folder within that, it may help to cut it out and put it in a folder for my work rather than having a random .Zip lying around.


I promise this isn't my last album, and I'm spending ALL my free time experimenting with sounds, so even if the now oddly outdated Solestar (some tracks are still cool though) isn't your cup of tea (such a British expression) refrain from giving up hope.


I really want to thank not just people who not only actively track my progress, but everyone who has given me the will to do better, go longer with music, and make this album.




2013-11-16 07:36:59 by FortressLord

Alright, so I think Solestar as an album will be released on Dropbox or something like that, because the album actually INCLUDES A GUIDE as well as just MP3s.
The Guide shows backstory, which songs are the best, production facts and just general monologue from me.

The song list is coming along great. In no particular order other than what I read first:
Solestar (Tech Mix) - Techno w/ Hip Hop draws
Interspecies Alliance - Techno RELEASED ON SOUNDCLOUD!
Interspecies Alliance (DnB Mix) - Drum & Bass RELEASED ON NEWGROUNDS!
[EDIT 25/11] Journey in the Neostream - Dub/Classic Dubstep RELEASED SOON
What Happens - House
Shepard Shuffle - Trance/Dance
Ode To Autumn - Solo Piano (Bonus track)
Corrupt Soldiers - Weird Drum & Bass
Human Hunt - Drum & Bass RELEASED ON NEWGROUNDS!
Steel Jungle - Breakbeat [Very different, now called Darksteel Jungle]
Burning Peace - Industrial Rock
Heart of Rain - Techno/DnB/Rock (some parts get a bit chaotic but I like it)
Resonance Theory - DnB/Rock
Fallback Charlie (Redux) - Dance/DnB
Nocturnal Vigilante [Oct 2013 Edit] - Trance/Dance

I'm sure there was more stuff I had to say, but I'll add that in an edit if I remember.
Anyway, not sure how many people care about Solestar but here's an update anyway.


Solestar change in plan

2013-11-02 11:31:21 by FortressLord

I'm going to keep this short and kinda informal.

Okay so I did have that sort of nice idea with the table, but releasing one at a time isn't a good idea.

Instead, once the album is done, I'll post a link to download the whole thing if I can, complete with all tracks and details.

As for the actual tracks, some old/unreleased tracks have been repurposed for the album. I remade 'Fallback Charlie', which was made about the time I joined Newgrounds, and only had about half an hours' work put into it.

'What Happens' was a challenge set for me to finish a House track in 45 minutes. I went back a while later to master a bit more, and the final result has really grew on me, so I salvaged it and put it on the album. I might put What Happens on NG as well.

'Nocturnal Vigilante [Halloween 2013 Edit]' will be on there as well. The voice samples are gone, the sounds are tweaked, and the editing is slightly better.

New Album - Solestar

2013-10-21 19:43:28 by FortressLord

I'm making another album, actually my first since joining Newgrounds (I don't count the Necrophobia Soundtrack).

What this means for you is the songs will have extra details, and some will link together in some way.
I'll put the tracks going into it below, and some details. CHECK BACK HERE FOR PROGRESS.
I guess by downloading each one, they become collectible! Note that in-album all genres will be 'Electronic' for ease of finding and sorting.

Number - Title - - - - - - - - - - - Genre - - - - - - - - - Progress
01| - - - - Solestar - - - - - - - - Drum n' Bass - - - Planning
03| - - - - Shepard Shuffle - - Trance - - - - - - - - 30%
04| - - - - Colony Sayuna - - - Atmospheric ? - - 10% <-- New details!
05| - - - - Burning Peace - - - -Electronic Rock - 70%
06| - - - - Resonance Theory -Electronic Rock - 60%
07| - - - - (Untitled) - - - - - - - - Industrial ? - - - - -Sound trialing
08| - - - - (Untitled) - - - - - - - - Dubstep ? - - - - - - Planning
09| - - - - Human Hunt - - - - - Drum n' Bass - - - -15%
Bonus! - Ode to Autumn - - - Classical - - - - - - - 15% <-- On hold

The table thing was a new idea. Sorry if you can't read it, but it's (hopefully) better than a long paragraph! In fact, I think I've done my usual thing and made a huge boring news post. Well, if you've read this far, CONGRATS!

New Album - Solestar

Some WIPs out, and a new track coming. (Check here for updates)

2013-10-16 13:51:44 by FortressLord

I haven't finished a song/track/tune/audio piece in a month, but I'm putting up some WIPs.
They are not particularly my best or most recent tracks, but they should give you an idea what I've been doing.

-Digital Mind-
Also, I've got a 'capital' track in the works, like what I did with Nocturnal Vigilante.
I have got vocoding figured out, maybe not the most efficient way, but I can vocode samples and voice now.
It has an intro and hopefully lead later on that was salvaged from an abandoned WIP, and

I am making lyrics for it. I can probably try them myself, and I'll note here some lines and ideas. Check back if you like, and see my thoughts. Plus, I'd appreciate ideas e.t.c.

- Drum n' Bass-ish

- Saws (Non-literal : P)

- Crazy vocals, not in voice but maybe lyrics ?
- Recurring 'I got a Digital Mind' maybe.

- Currently being re-done, some parts sounded random.

FortressLord re-return

2013-10-08 12:14:04 by FortressLord

[Three month anniversary! (is that the right word?)]

I have FL Fruity, and yet more samples (I still try to avoid sample use apart from individual drum hits and FX stabs.)

While I was gone, mostly from lack of inspiration, I planned and thought. When I started producing again, I got loads of unreleased practice, and fully realised my style. Maybe I'll put up WIPs and abandoned tracks to show you guys. Don't expect a sleeping dragon of a musician though. : P
[EDIT: I'm also taking down my worst stuff, keeping the ones I consider acceptable.]

I also toyed with new logos, art, production and even artist names. I've decided to keep the orange/purple gradient, and FortressLord as a name. FlameHeart came close to replacing it though (orange/red/yellow theme, same double capitalised word style.)

The old music plan from past News posts has been scrapped, but not ignored. I think I'll just upload some random finished stuff. Suggestions will get worked into future tracks.
DO feel free to suggest, review and request things though.
I've been trying Dubstep, but mostly making LOTS of DnB. Not like Evening Ensues either, like proper drumloops with effects, panning e.t.c.

TL;DR: I am back, better than before but mostly the same. Old music upload plan is gone, so I'll just put up what I feel like combined with suggestions.

FortressLord re-return