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MOAR PLANS +Last chance to request a track

2013-09-24 16:35:27 by FortressLord

EDIT 5TH OCTOBER: I'm trying to put new news on but it keeps whitescreening.

So I decided to make another news post.
This should be shorter and less formal than usual. (Well, the title shows...)

Anyway, I'm releasing 'Nocturnal Vigilante' very soon, probably my best work.
[RELEASED! New genre and good for me, but... It's still just me.]
...and then MAYBE, a bonus trance track then 'We Know Hellfire' (Unedited, non-finished WIP uploaded.)
[We Know Hellfire postponed, ran out of ideas. Will be replaced hopefully!]

The final point is that I'm still only toying with sounds for the track chosen by you guys! Leave instruments, genres, sources of inspiration e.t.c. in comments and/or PMs.
So far Lockyn (thanks!) has said Liquid DnB (I kinda feel like that's the way my music is supposed to be going), and two people I know in real life said Dubstep, except one said "Harmonica" and the other recommended classical instruments.
So Dubstep is winning, but I myself would enjoy doing Liquid.

MOAR PLANS +Last chance to request a track

COMEBACK PLAN +Request a track!

2013-09-20 16:57:31 by FortressLord

HELLO! I'm not gone, just struggled with inspiration for a short while.
I'm going to keep this short, since I have a habit of droning on.

I've been busy making some higher quality tracks for you guys, and my style has improved but also changed. You will (hopefully) enjoy my upcoming tracks, but don't expect much stuff like Evening Ensues; I've expanded into new styles, themes and sounds.

__Anyway, my plan for releases, and genres is as follows, in order of first-last:__

Lockyn - Intrinsic (FortressLord Drumstep Remix) - Electro House [Released]

Virtually Reality - Chaotic Drumstep (put as 'Electronic' for easier storage)

Nocturnal Vigilante - House/Trance (ditto), MY BEST YET

YOU decide on the last track! Comment a genre, theme, main instrument or something to get inspiration from, and I'll make a track with it.
If nobody comments I'll just put out what I feel like at the time, and if there is contradicting choices I'll try to compromise. If I can't, I'll flip a coin or roll a dice or something.

Nocturnal Vigilante now has devoted art by me. (I'm not an artist. I tried to do something simple anyway.)

COMEBACK PLAN  +Request a track!

Thought I'd update!

2013-09-10 15:19:19 by FortressLord

I'm still FortressLord, and this is still my news, but I haven't changed my front page in a while, and that was only rearranging boxes, so I decided to write (type) this!

I've now made 8 tracks, 6 original songs, and got 3 fans!

I really only made a new NG account to review and search with less restrictions, so having 3 followers feels quite good.
I can see my music is better than it used to be, but I never planned on being a musician, I just went beyond mixing for a bit of fun, hence I am still 'Audiophile', but I'd like to say thank you not only to the 3 who have the patience to watch me improve with FL, but to everyone who has downloaded, rated or otherwise acknowledged my work.

I am not musically gifted, (I only knew I had any musical competence when I stopped trying to learn physical instruments I was basically too clumsy to play, and started to feel down. I sensed what was missing from my life so I tried my hand at basic mixing when I could) but hopefully in some unknown time I can entertain those that have entrusted me to provide.
(By the way, if you wonder what I aspire to be like, imagine... Dark ParagonX9 with lots more classical instruments.)

Anyway, sorry for making this update strangely long and formal, it's a habit when I don't know how many people actually read this far.

I am not saying "I'm good now, you got me here!", more
"One day I'll be good, and you all helped me now."

Yeah sorry, I planned to end this update like 3 paragraphs ago. Mm-hm.
That is all.


I am now on Newgrounds! (I will mostly keep to the Audio section.)

2013-08-08 15:23:13 by FortressLord

Hi, I'm JP, or my music name FortressLord (kinda long story).

I recently suddenly switched from Rock to Electronic, through practically no outside influence: my family and friends all listen to some form of rock. However I quickly became very musical (does that make sense?) and my love for sounds emerged. I found myself identifying good and bad points of music, and this is where my hatred of most pop comes from; There is very little technique to it anymore!

I have just started making music as a hobby, and my preferred sub-genres are Drum n' Bass, Dubstep and House in that order. The main influences for my music are BT, Alphazor (look him up on YouTube), Deadmau5 and also ParagonX9 and Waterflame here on Newgrounds!
I wouldn't say my music is excellent, but as of typing this I have one acceptable track (my first song finished proper) and another in production, using FL Studio demo, soon to be upgraded. My music features a non-biased style, with little [EDIT to finish sentence] devotion to one instrument or specific style.
However, I love drums, piano and digital sounds like Oscillators.

I've been a gamer for years, and I think I have an old NG account somewhere, but now music is my primary hobby (mostly finding and listening) I have made an account called 'FortressLord'.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on, and I've probably made a mistake or two in the text, but now you know a bit about me.