FortressLord's News

Hey anyone who reads these, it's been a while!

Here's the agenda of what I'm going to explain:

  1. Hycas samples + Free download links
  2. Where you'll find my old albums
  3. Update on myself


Some of you may know that with music I'm less melodic and more technical. I master well and make WAY more samples and patches than I could match with song releases. Now is your chance to get some free, usable samples for yourself! No stealing credit though please :p


My current set of custom drum hits that I use in my own productions!


'LegacyLoops', aka a bunch of FotressLord and Hycas samples that are now dated but still very diverse.


Old Track Pieces and Stems


Some of my old albums are being archived. The entire 'Change of Fate' series will be on I guess Mediafire, whilst you can get the 'Out The Way EP' set from my Bandcamp here:


'Starcast EP' is coming soon, suffering some setbacks due to tracks not meeting my quality standard, then I will release some Drum & Bass singles as they get completed for a bit.


Update on me:

I'm getting into university at the moment, I already live somewhere pretty comfortable for a musician's setup, so that's why I actually went into overdrive at a time when most people would be too busy.

My ability in music has been increasing exponentially recently, with my drums and mastering ability just short of professional quality while my leads and melodies have been my main concern as of late.

No part of what I do is perfect, but I've got time to practice and now a course to learn.

Also the vvav project is still going, it makes Synthwave, Dubstep and other lower tempo stuff while the main Hycas alias is still the direct descendant of FortressLord, and it is comprised of me and me alone, making DnB.


Thanks for reading, and enjoy the samples if you want any!

Q&A 2! (Full detail edition)

2016-03-19 17:32:16 by FortressLord

Hey again anyone reading!

I'll be answering more questions in this post. Also I realise for actual Newgrounds followers this may seem sudden, but actually I'm not relying on NG comments because I would get maybe 1 reply if I offered to collect questions here. I have gotten a few via PM over the last few months though. Most questions were just things I remembered from friends and family.

Most my traffic is people checking out my profile in curiosity, and NG still seems like a place to put this so here goes:

Q. What is your musical purpose? Why produce and keep trying to gain experience?

A. I have emotions I wish to express in sound, and other people have emotions that can be brought out by sound. Money and fame can wait, the part that excites me the most is making a difference to people's mindsets and moods.


Q. Any collabs on the way? Soundtracks?

A. No to both! I almost had a few collabs but generally I subtly back out of them after not liking what I see. (I use Nexus, so if I think YOUR technique is lazy there is a problem :P)

I actually nearly did some soundtracks to games too, but they never really finished. Projects included a solo creation of a side-scroller, and an indie horror game. Pssst... Someone take me on, for mutual exposure!

My last *successful* collab was with Rainheart, he's a little like me but obviously all about rock and game soundtracks, so if he ever wants to collab openly, some of you may want to take the chance too.


Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. Producing music for a secondary source of income, likely working with computing with a possible part-time DJ job. That's just my estimation though, not something I aim to have.


Q. Have you ever made a sample?

A. I'm making a full samplepack actually, and a smaller version can be found on my Bandcamp. An awesome friend has actually made a short track out of my sounds, but I don't have a link for it.


Q. What is your goal? [They didn't mean purpose this time, more like direction]

A. Well I wanted 'professional sounds by 2020', actual quote from myself, but honestly I'm pretty much there now. Some of my WIP's would work in games and not quite on their own yet.

I'm planning to submit a demo to Liquicity by 2018, because my rate of improvement since just 2015 has been mental and I think I could reach more minds by pushing myself out there.


Q. What synths do you use?

A. In order of use as of 19th March 2016 - Nexus2, Harmor, Sytrus.  I know Nexus is 'lazy' but I don't claim to be a bass wizard, and the variety of pad and FX sounds makes it useful to me. I prefer to use Harmor for sub and reese sounds though!


Q. Any samples you would recommend?

A. I actually don't use too many samples. I have the rare pad .wav under my own music to flesh it out, and make an active point of disliking people who just piece together entire sections of music and call it original. HOWEVER I don't own a drumkit, so it is useful to have packs to hand. For that I would reccomend the site/company BHK Samples. I got some of my favourite drum hits from them! Also one of the few sample publishers to include Liquid DnB sounds.


Q. What do you think about people who have overtaken you?

A. I assume you mean gotten labels, money, or 'fans' (whereas most of my followers are friends, especially the early ones) faster than I did.

Well, that varies! Some I'm salty about. I know/knew people who took the 'easy' genres, spending more money than I have available and getting egos so big it's no wonder I no longer talk to them.

Then there are the actual musicians. People even younger than me, with less money spent on it, who have an actual knack for a genre I don't look down on. These can either inspire me or make me feel useless, but as long as the person behind the music is nice, I will be very happy for them growing faster!

Finally there are those inbetween, and I know a few, who took a little from both. Sure they're genuinely skilled, but they put those skills into... Let's say the 'common' genres, for a cheap ride up. Next thing you know they've gone corporate, and you know what that means.

Of course I'm musically distant. I released something like 9 tracks and WIPs in 2015, but hell if I didn't improve. I'm in a cocoon phase for my creativity right now.


If you have any questions yourself, feel free to ask in a comment or PM! I like to think I'm generally quite open.

Hope this was factual, cool, or whatever. Whether you're a Newgrounds user looking around or a friend who found out I have an account here, have a good day! :D

~ JP

More Quick Stuff

2016-02-11 16:43:26 by FortressLord

I'm going to keep this short because I'm annoyed at discovering that like a whole section of my tracks, including work like LookingGlass, are basically gone to me. Massive is causing FL to crash, FL can't find samples I used to use, and so on.

This is annoying because as I speak I'm putting together a music portfolio and I have to miss months of work out because I don't have a working copy of my OWN MUSIC.


So that's two pieces of news out the way!

Also, I am sorry for anyone who has commented I can't get back to. Newgrounds keeps saying "You're not from Newgrounds, are you?" when I try. Technology seems to hate me right now.


Aside that, life - I've been trying to get into a really cool Uni as suggested, and I've generally been busy and also improving with music a LOT. I can only get better, but I can still be... Let's say genre elitist. Of course I'm not becoming that teen music idiot kinda guy - I'm still quite anti-corporate, and I'm as personal as someone with like 4 followers can be :D


Not sure what else to say. When my portfolio goes up I'll release some sample teasers, might link here.

In a sentence: It's going good, but stressful.


2015-10-25 16:59:30 by FortressLord

I'll get this update quickly. Besides, I realise nobody reads these so it's basically for the few people who stumble here, and wonder what happened to a guy who used to finish a song every few days and comment far more than that.

I'm not feeling too hot with music at the moment. The thing is I'm actually better than before, and I keep running into the feeling like I make sample-quality sounds and do compositions my own inspirations mirror themselves.

However, I get very stressed at ambiguity and uncertainty, and I just can't describe that entirely... When things get unclear it feels like a consistent, silent nail down a blackboard. Unfortunetely this is how I feel with music at the moment. My life is busy already, but now every time I feel creative I have to trudge through folders full of absoluetely terrible noise. I delete what I can but no amount of practice can make it easier to finish a track. The clutter freaks me out...

A large part of me wishes my files would get corrupted because I don't have the strength to wipe them and move on. I don't think I'll ever get something done while my old stuff stares me in the face. It's bad enough the best only synths I really use are GMS and Sytrus. That literally gives me a choice between ugly pads and sparkly pads.


I want to get stuff done, but I can't. Maybe I'll spend a day just being tough on myself, and delete (or at least hide away) the annoying tracks - The old, the desperate, the forever unfinished.

I couldn't possibly go to another hobby, that much is certain. If it was time to drop music, I wouldn't be so annoyed at not making the stuff I want. Plus I'm looking to do music and university, and hopefully as a job. (Now THAT is an update.)

Anyway, for the 2 or so people ever to read this, I'm going to get some inspiration somehow, start afresh a little, and when I do you're going to hear some of the things I'm capable of - Neuro basses, compressed beats and soothing pads. All I want is to hear them in a finished liquid piece...

Peace, H.

Obligatory 'not dead' update

2015-08-05 15:49:05 by FortressLord

Hey guys, I know I've been super reclusive for a while so I just want to do my usual update sort of thing. I'm not under the impression that everything I do, or don't do, sends ripples on this site or Soundcloud, but there's still like half a dozen people who closely relate or affiliate with me who might be a little confused.

I'm still going. Still doing music.

Both can be a little hard to keep up to be honest. I'm at that stage of a musician's career (either literal or hobbyist) where I'm past that new, wide-eyed stage of wanting to do my best, and believing everything I do is breaking new ground.

Yet I'm early enough in my creative path that my music isn't recognised by many people, and the things I used to call upon for inspiration sound so out of my league that I just give up trying.

However, I keep going because I am actually pretty good... I'm an untrained teenager who didn't even choose music as a subject; To go from randomly mashing notes together to making my own drumloops, reese bases and even helping on MULTIPLE soundtracks within the space of 3 years tops... That's not unheard of, but everyone who's ever done that has ended up with their own posters and adverts.

The people who sometimes mention their achievements have reasons to be ahead of me. "I'm here in my new studio with this synth I could afford" is something I hear of them. "Only got any good after 8 years" and so on. That's not me, but maybe it will be. I won't be cocky, but I will be proud, because I can already see the improvement in myself as an artist.

Remember that even in a few years when I can make soothing melodies and tearing basslines, that it's for everyone, not just me. I will never, ever make music from avarice or the pure intent to take money/fame.

Music is art, and art should be set free.


Anyway, that's a textwall and you probably expected my usual bullet points. Here:

  • Lots of practice
  • Making a free drumloop pack
  • I was the sound engineer on a scrapped horror game, and I intend to do more like that except on FINISHED projects. And more often too.
  • I'm doing a lot of new music behind the scenes...
  • Including happy DnB, ambient, trap and a whole heap of stuff inspired by Rameses B and Rchetype.
  • I paid for a VST called Wobbleboss which is awful, it came with freebies better than the 'synth' itself. 3/10
  • BUT I got Massive and a lot more experience with GMS and mastering. Compressed drums, more refined stereo seperation, and basses that cause my subwoofer to rumble around.
  • Collabs! Looking to do one with a cool German hobbyist producer. He does bass stuff and vocals.
  • Also my own vocals are coming along a little
  • I'm trying to make an album. Unfortunetely I'm improving too fast to finish tracks on a consistent standard, but it will be very atmospheric and probably include backstory and some sort of artbook or whatever.
  • I'm looking into both jobs and university... Starting to gravitate towards a musical path for life, but I know what I'm doing, at least better than the education system usually imparts.

That's all I have to say. I did NOT keep it short, but the only thing you've heard of me was some atmos-neuro dit that within hours of 'finishing' it.

Peace out, feel free to say anything or nothing at all.

If you need me to make music, sound effects or dank memes, I'll do the occasional (always-)free commision or permission for existing work.


I'm back!

2014-11-05 16:38:33 by FortressLord

Newgrounds had that silly update where getting news on blogs is no longer a thing, but I better blow the dust off my page. I actually talk and act very differently, but I'm going to make a bullet point list lke the good old times!

  • I'm Hycas! I wanted something that sounded Latin/Roman, and contracted one of my possible names, 'Hybrid Canines' to make this. ALSO, it has the cool feature of multiple pronounciations. The correct way to say it is like 'I kiss'. Which in itself is meaningful and cool how in implication. LOVE my new name! x3
  • College stuff. More freedom more work.
  • The two people I got into FL are all but gone out my life. One by one, the importance and I admit love depleted over time. Stuff happens. And I ... Don't look for one of the genders for romantic purposes any more. Brit grit is needed sometimes.
  • Music practice like crazy!
  • Listening to tons of music! Some of my stuff even sounds like Depeche Mode!
  • I used to be depressed, (undiagnosed but obvious even to people who have it) until I realised it was up to me to keep myself happy, and that the only person to ever stick by me and show loyalty will be me.
  • Woof
  • I'm quite thoughtful and reflective... Even coming back to Newgrounds makes me feel weird.
  • [Edit] Waiting on a good mic. If I've exercised and my voice is also good on top of that, I can SING! I hate my voice but there's no denying I can do something with it all.

Something something outtro, Hycas wishing you all a cool day! (Well, year, since I don't update often)


Blog News Thing!

2014-07-05 06:55:42 by FortressLord

Hey all!

Making another post, but I'm clueless and mored tired than ever. So... I'm just going to bullet point interesting things.

  • Voice training still going, it's amateur but I can feel it working. My confidence is existant at least now, and it's had a weird effect, combined with maybe my lifestyle or something; My voice is overall deeper, smoother, and slightly more British even in normal conversation.
  • Lots more music practice! Starting to sound good quality even though I only use free synths and sounds.
  • The friend I got into FL has given a little more, BUT THE BIG NEWS HERE is that I got a whole new person using it, and they're not going to read this anyway; they are special to me, show potential and are quick to learn. Super happy they're on the path with me. So that's 2 people I got into FL now... Still can't afford good synths. xP
  • I'm going on holiday for a week, may not see all reviews and such.
  • Released 'Journeyman' for you all because I could, not a push of my abilities but okay.
  • Doing lyric, story and structure concepts galore.
  • Considering (music) name change, or even a fresh start if needed. Only CONSIDERED, and I'm too lazy to move things, change files and make a good logo, but here are some possible names;

Sheppy, Abzorb, Artesian, Flameheart, Tryphid, Quake, Boifriend [friend's idea I think works], Prizmatik [sorta taken. Darn], Encindle, PurePaw, Chromia.

So that's a thing.

  • Graduated high school, waiting for college now. Not much else to say on that. x3
  • Furfaggotry

Thank you all for your time, say anything, or nothing, below, I will answer questions in some event soon, not sure if I have enough people though,

So peace out guys!

~ JP/FortressLord/Sheppy

\/  In case people wonder my influences.


Remembering news as I type!

2014-05-05 11:54:20 by FortressLord

Hi all, FortressLord, or whatever name else you know me by, here!  


I didn't plan this new post, but whether you're here from curiosity, from actual interest in me or you want to see how music's going, I am going to bullet point anything worth mentioning in a nicely readable way...  

  • My voice training is going OK - My voice is less monotone and rarely breaks at pitches, the problem is dynamically expanding to low or high pitches. The upcoming album should have one or two tracks with vocals, and I have some modulated or hidden stuff in tracks.
  • I have been practicing music A LOT. Better mixing and production and even some half decent melodies coming your way, but the REALLY unique stuff is still deep in the works.
  • I meet new artists and stuff, which means possible collabs e.t.c. I have talked to one or two people here, but more so creative minds of my new internet group. A notable part I'm excited for is I'm helping a good friend back into FL Studio, and I hope to at least have him do some lyric or sound design for me, so some cool tracks will be had.
  • My finals are about to end. I never give my age for personal rather than privacy reasons, but that fact combines with my grammar so you know pretty much exactly my status. So yeah.
  • I'm doing lots of awesome percussion. I feel proud. Now I need some really effective melodies and some greater effects on tracks.
  • I'm still something of a dreamer, but I'm aiming to have hidden or suggested personal meanings in song titles, emotional styles and so on. I can't wait for some of the more effective stuff!
  • Mystic deism, and some other opinions and beliefs I can't even nail but will hint at, have been developed by myself, largely from influence because I'm a REALLY easy convert or something.
  • I can't remember much else.

Peace out everyone! Look out for my new stuff that is going to get really nice in just weeks time!


[Pretend there's a cool pic here]

[Interesting News Title]

2014-04-04 02:32:57 by FortressLord



Greetings, fans, friends and people here accidentally.


I have been busy... Like, really busy. I have had a total reinvention of myself.

I have a new style, that binds everything I've done before and combines with some new tricks.


So what's the reinvention?

  • A lot of things really. The main is I've had a Change of Fate (it's capitalised hint hint) and I want to be a DJ and independent artist.
  • So now I put pretty much all my spare time into music, which is why my unreleased stuff is harder, more professional and more serious than tracks just days ago. I am a fast learner.
  • My... New culture, has given me VAST amounts of new ideas, and inspirations and plans I never had before. Don't be annoyed if my titles and backstories have less sci-fi, more fur.
  • I am going to be less random, but also funnier if I see the opportunity.
  • I'm trying vocals. I have some songs with unfitting vocals taken from a scrapped vocal project set, but I mean at some point in the future, I will put meaning to songs beyond the synth melodies.
  • I have some more practice with gating and percussion mastering, which basically means tracks with more bounce.

I am now out of things to say, OH WAIT, no, I'm going to have an album soon, but like, a real one. A cover that looks like my new profile banner, a decent number of songs, high-quality, and the very best tracks so far.


  I say 'peace' too often, thanks for reading,


Big News! (PLUS pointers to good music)

2014-03-19 13:12:26 by FortressLord

Before you read this hyped, nothing bad has happened, I am not going anywhere, not upgrading and not doing a collab (yet). Now the common ones are out of the way...


Hi guys, FortressLord here, giving an update on me, my music, and whatever else comes to mind.


First off, and most importantly, MY PRE-CURRENT-PC DISCOGRAPHY IS ON BANDCAMP!

Note not all songs are on there, but there's 3 albums there, 2 totally unseen until now.

Enjoy totally for free! (I was even worse then but there's still some cool FL beatzzzzz)


Second, I have been practicing like crazy!

Basically, here is (are ?) my changes summed up:

  • I use more sensible chords now.
  • I will try tempos other than 174, 150 and 140 BPM.
  • I use simple automation (not auto clips in the playlist, just editing).
  • Drum and Bass even closer to me now. Expect less Trance and House and more DnB, WITH NEURO AND LIQUID BEING TOYED WITH.
  • I have found some cool sounds; The free GMS synth with heavy compression, various piano soundsets and synths put through multiple mastering channels, half-bitcrushed sounds (heavy effect, but the plugins for the bit sound will be set to ~40-70% volume for a weird effect.)
  • I am going to be making some melodical stuff rather than my weird, intentionally simplistic music of old.

So there we are.


Last news (I can think of) is my style is becoming more evident: Expect even more chimes synths, with short, Techno-inspired riff segments.




I, as my closest brohanski's will know, am prouder of simply being a mixer than actual releaser, so in some news posts I will show my tiny viewerbase some things to check out.

Spadazer - AIM Contest submission

   Atmospheric and very good for a barely experienced artist.


Mittsies - Departure

   Emotional and fun House music. I'm a huge fan of Mittsies BUT he is a clopper literal artist as well as House musician, so watch what links you go to if you follow up on him!


Skrillex, Kill The Noise and Milo & Otis - Duck Sauce NRG Remix

   It's not like the 2 people reading this would make a difference to the overall view counts, but the remix grows on you and is quite cool. I didn't mention the genre so... Slightly Industrial Dance-structured Brostep    : D


Actraiser - Future Encounters

   Now with a slightly changed name, I love this mostly-Liquid Drum & Bass track. I don't really know what else to say for this.


I'd be surprised if anyone actually read this far, but this has been FortressLord. Peace out.